Aaton K, ny digital filmrecorder

At IBC 2008, Aaton will introduce the “AatonK” digital film recorder to the Post Industry, establishing a new standard of performance in the field of very high definition imagers.

Twice as fast as the fastest laser machines at 2K, and 15% (1.85:1) to 40% (Scope) faster at 4K, the “AatonK” offers nearly twice the MTF at 4K on both color internegative and positive films. Since it ensures a frame to fame true ‘pixel over pixel’ registration, it is also the recorder of choice for ‘century lasting’ RGB archives on b&w separation film. Furthermore, thanks to its optical-reflex servo-loop, the color calibration consistency of this machine has no equal.

Tekniska specifikationer

Discover the ‘AatonK’ digital film recorder at IBC in the Aaton (6.A18) and Filmlight (7.A11) booths.