FSF Membership

Membership of the FSF is acquired by invitation only. One cannot apply oneself.

A DoP, who has been a member of the association for at least two years can nominate a candidate for membership. The deadline for this nomination is December 31. The board of the FSF can also jointly nominate a candidate.

Sponsorship: When nominating a candidate one acts as a sponsor and must see that all relevant documentation reaches the board on time so that the membership committee can make an evaluation. Membership is then decided by majority vote at the annual general assembly in spring.

There are four membership categories:

  1. DoP Member (full membership)
  2. Honorary Member
  3. Associate Cinematographer
  4. Associate Member

Criteria for DoP Membership

Membership of the FSF is to be considered a stamp of quality.
To be eligible one must have at least six years’ documented work experience as a cinematographer, and be able to show ability in visual storytelling. Longer fiction- or documentary work which has had distribution is especially meritorious. For cinematographers working in promos and/or music video, other tv-production or video artists it is harder to gauge where to draw the line for eligibility. This must be discussed by the board and the membership committee so that individual decisions can be made. There may also be other individuals who can be eligible for full membership, but this will be decided on from a case to case basis. A full member of FSF has the right to, and should, highlight their profession by using the suffix FSF after their name in the start and/or end credits of their productions.

Honorary Membership

Retired DoP members over the age of 75 are offered honorary membership. Honorary Membership can also be offered to other non-DoP:s who have significantly contributed to the art of cinematography.

Associate cinematographer

Associate Cinematographer membership can be seen as a junior membership for cinematographers who have at least three years’ experience in the profession. Newly graduated cinematographers from STDH (The National Film School of Stockholm), the Danish, Norwegian and/or Polish National film schools can be eligible. Associate Cinematographers receive invitations to all meetings and activities held by the FSF, but cannot vote at the annual general assembly, nor do they have the right to use the suffix FSF after their names. Associate Cinematographers can in time be offered full DoP membership.

Associate member

Full members of the FSF can nominate for associated membership for e.g focus pullers, gaffers, grips, DIT:s, colorists or other professionals working close to cinematography. Similarly, at least three years of professional experience is required.

How are the candidates nominated?

To evaluate a candidate we need the following:
1. Short presentation with motivation of between 200 and 700 characters (½ of an A4 page)
2. Portfolio -showreel, homepage, or clips on Vimeo or the like. Three productions should be selected for particular viewing.
3. A CV with relevant productions, education, and other related merits.
4. The sponsor, presents their candidate at a board meeting, before the annual general assembly.

Deadline: December 31

Nominations are sent to: sekreterare@fsfsweden.se

Annual membership Fees 2019

  • DoP Member: 2000 SEK
  • Honorary Member: no fee
  • Associate Cinematographer/Member: 1000 SEK