Dedolight Extends the Eflect Range and Introduces a Rotating Tripod Stud

New toys are announced for your practical lighting effect needs. Dedolight has introduced a couple of new sizes, colours and textures to their Eflect product range. And if you ever needed your 16mm tripod studs to be spinning, they’ve launched the DMRSA16, a motorized 16mm stud that does exactly that.

The new additions to the range are the mega size reflectors (80×80 cm) and the mini size reflectors (7×10 cm). The new effect reflectors “Tropical Orange” and “Tropical Blue” give you a mix of hues that can be used for interesting effects. Dedolight has also extended the striped Zebra Eflect family.

The new DMRSA16 motorized tripod stud can be set to rotate at a speed of 0 to 5 RPM. I’m not sure how often I’ve had a need for a motorized tripod stud. Pretty niche, but now that I know it exists, I will find use for it, very fun.

DMRSA16, motorized tripod stud.