Alfonso Parra testar Canon EOS C300

Test Canon C300
Vår spanske kollega Alfonso Parra, AEC, har gjort en omfattande test av Canons EOS C300.

In this article we are going to show the study about the Canon EOS C300 camera. According to the manufacturer, the camera is designed to digital film making, in other words, story-telling in motion over digital hardware.

The introdution of the camera was highly celebrated last year in Los Angeles, and Cameraman covered the event. In the article we published at that time we described the main features of the camera, so, we are not going to speak about them again. A lot of aspects of the EOS C300 regarding menus agree with the ones of the XF305 camera. We have already made an extensive test about this latter one, therefore we refer to it for those who might need deeper details of certain contents.

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Film från C300

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