Angénieux celebrates the career of Barry Ackroyd, BSC

For over three decades, Ackroyd has been bringing his unique style and vision to some of the most acclaimed films in cinema. From Ken Loach’s dramas to Kathryn Bigelow’s gripping thrillers, his cinematography is as breathtaking as it is remarkable. Through this tribute, we will lift a lens to Ackroyd’s enormous body of work and explore the art of his storytelling through light and shadow.
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Jon Fauer: What was your first camera?
Barry Ackroyd, BSC: A 16mm Aaton 7. You had to have a camera and lenses if you wanted to work freelance for the BBC. Lacking kit, it would have been difficult to get jobs. But we were considered mavericks. Though clearly, Roger Deakins, Dick Pope, Chris Menges—all these great names were making documentaries. I was just slightly younger than them. 
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