Angenieux firar 75 år

Med en ny logotype och en ny byggnad firade Angenieux sitt 75-års jubileum den 13 december. Med ett stort sortiment av zoomobjektiv är Angenieux idag den ledande tillverkaren av zoomobjektiv för film och digitala kameror.

I en nyligen gjord amerikansk objektivtest visade Angenieux korta zoomar verkligen fina värden, helt i klass med fasta brännvidder.
2008 lanserade Angenieux Optimo DP två nya zoomobjektiv, speciellt framtagna för att passa till dagens digitala kameror. Optimo DP 16-42 mm och 30-80 mm, T2.8

Angenieux’s 75th official celebration on December 13. 2010
Founded in 1935 by Pierre Angenieux, 2010 marks Angenieux brand anniversary. On Monday, December 13. 2010, Thales Angenieux will present its guests and press contacts its expertise in the image field: night vision, television and cinema.
New facilities will also be inaugurated on this special day:
- a “show-room” space ( 150m²) has been created at the heart of the factory. This new space presents the fabulous heritage that Pierre Angenieux and his team hand on and enhances the complete range of Angenieux current expertise.
- As proximity with product final user is a major axis of development, two platforms for television and cinema shooting and night vision for product demonstrations will also be inaugurated on December 13.
To accompany this new dynamic, Thales Angenieux has initiated a global redesign process, and will disclose a new brand logo.

Thales Angenieux Optimo 35mm Zoom Lenses and Optimo DP Series For Film and Digital Production

Optimo 35mm Film Lenses and Optimo DP Lenses designed for today’s high-end film and digital cinema productions. The comprehensive lineup includes the Academy Award® winning Optimo 15-40mm and 28-76mm 35mm Film Lenses, as well as the 17-80mm and 24- 290mm 35mm Film Lenses, and the Optimo DP 16-42 and Optimo DP 30-80 Lenses.

“Digital cinema and broadcast production formats are quickly gaining traction as users look to enhance performance, gain more versatility with new formats, and get the most value for their production and equipment budgets,” said Chris Beauparlant, VP, U.S. Sales and Marketing, Thales Angenieux. “Our extensive line of Optimo 35mm and DP zoom lenses meet all of these criteria while allowing cinematographers, DPs and broadcasters to more easily transition to digital cinema productions.”

The Thales Angenieux Optimo Line includes: The Optimo 24-290mm 35mm Film Zoom Lens offers constant superior levels of optical performance across its entire zoom range as well as impressive contrast and color reproduction that rivals the highest performing prime lenses. The design of the Optimo 24-290mm lens completely eliminates breathing and ramping and its focus engravings are large and precise, making focus pulling easier for camera assistants. The minimum object distance for the Optimo 24-290mm zoom is 1.22m/4’ and the lens weighs in at 11kg/24.25 lbs.

With an extremely fast aperture of T2.2 (with no ramping), the Optimo 17-80mm 35mm Film Zoom Lens provides 329° focus rotation with over 50 precise focus witness marks and minimal breathing. Its superior optical performance rivals prime lenses with equivalent focal lengths. Available with PL and PV mounts the Optimo 17-80mm offers the ideal combination of performance and versatility.
Weighing only 4.4 pounds, the Optimo 15-40mm 35mm Film Zoom Lens has a range of 15-40mm (diagonal 31.1mm), a minimum object distance (MOD) of two feet and offers constant superior levels of optical performance across the entire 2.7X zoom range. An extremely fast aperture speed of T2.6 provides a very narrow depth of field and allows shooting across a vast lighting range. The Optimo 15-40mm features mechanics designed for precision and durability and incorporates an exclusive optical design to avoid breathing. Its contrast and color reproduction rival the highest performing prime lenses.

The Optimo 28-76mm 35mm Film Zoom Lens features an extremely fast (f/2.4) and consistent aperture speed of T2.6 throughout the zoom range, for improved shooting across various lighting conditions. Along with impressive contrast and color reproduction, the sophisticated design of the Optimo 28-76mm incorporates an exclusive optical design to avoid breathing. Features designed for the professional user also include a 320-degree focus rotation with more than 25 witness marks for maximum accuracy. The lens is available with both PL and Panavision mounts and features a range of 28–76mm (2.7X zoom ratio) and a close focus range of 0.6m – 2 feet.

The Optimo DP 16-42mm Lens features a wide angle position of 16mm (75.4 degrees), a fast aperture of T2.8, calibrated focus marks and no ramping or breathing. The Optimo DP 30-80mm Lens is identical in specs with the exception of a 2.7X zoom ratio. The large-format PL-mount lenses are lightweight at 4.2 pounds each and feature a unique mechanical design for precise zoom and focus as well as full S35 (32mmdiagonal) image coverage.

The 3D Ready Optimo DP Lens Package holds factory matched 16-42mm or 30- 80mm Optimo DP lenses in a customized compact carrying case. In addition to superior optical quality and a reliable and precise mechanical system, the 3D Ready Optimo DP Lens Package includes specific features for 3D applications like factory matched zoom and focus scale, comparable optical quality and easily adjustable tracking to assure flawless performance.

Thales Angenieux is also offering new 2X Extenders for its 24-290mm and 17-80mm Optimo 35mm Film Zoom Lenses, as well as DSLR mounts for the 24-290mm, 28- 76mm and 15-40mm.

The new WA 0.75X Wide Angle Adapter easily attaches to the front of the Optimo DP 16-42mm Lens as well as the Optimo 15-40mm 35mm Film Lens. The Adapter provides a fisheye effect for both lenses by further extending their wide angle field of view. Weighing only one pound (450g), the Adapter extends the wide angle focal range of the Optimo DP 16-42mm Lens to 12.2mm and 11.4mm for the Optimo 15-40mm 35mm Film Lens.
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About Angenieux
Angenieux offers a full complement of high precision lenses for a wide range of broadcast and video production applications, including: Optimo Series Lenses for the most demanding HDTV and 35mm production applications; High Definition (HD) Series cine-style, wide angle and studio lenses; High Resolution (HR) Series wide angle and all-purpose ENG lenses including economically priced HD-e series; Studio and Sports/Outside Broadcast (OB) lenses.