Arri Alexa kan nu spela in Avids DNxHD

ARRI has begun to ship its DNxHD update for their Alexa camera. This announcement that the Alexa would get DNxHD as an onboard recording option (besides ProRes) was welcome news to post-production people like myself who use Avid Media Composer. While ProRes is supported in Avid both by AMA linking and direct MXF creation (in the Media Composer version 6 on Mac that is) DNxHD is Avid’s own in-house codec and is a perfect option for compressed hi-def media. But ARRI’s onboard DNxHD recording uses an MXF format that’s a bit different than Avid’s. Read on for a discussion of why that is (and lots of OP).

When the final details came out about this multi-thousand dollar upgrade for the Alexa camera it left a number of editors scratching their heads. There’s full DNxHD support (including the mention of DNxHD 444 to come online for free at a later date for those installing the DNxHD option) but these files aren’t the exact type Avid Media Composer uses.

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