ARRI Releases ALEXA Firmware SUP v8.1

ARRI has released a Software Update Packet (SUP) v8.1 for the ALEXA camera line. While last month’s SUP v8.0 was only for classic ALEXA models, SUP v8.1 is for use on cameras with the XR Module for recording. This includes the ALEXA XT, ALEXA XT M, ALEXA XT Plus, ALEXA XT Studio as well as any classic ALEXA that has been upgraded with an XR Module. With this update, the following new features are enabled:

• 4:3 ARRIRAW recording up to 90fps
These are the top frame rates available in different recording modes:
48fps – 4:3 ProRes 2K
60fps – 16:9 ProRes 2K, 16:9 ProRes 4444 HD
90fps – 4:3 ARRIRAW 2.8K
120fps – 16:9 ARRIRAW 2.8K, 16:9 ProRes 422 HQ HD

• Basic Cooke /i data now supported
Lens telemetry for direct capture to metadata through the ALEXA’s LDS contacts. When recording at standard SMPTE frame rates the /i data will be stored in each frame’s metadata.
• Additional monitoring indicators in EVF and/or monitor output.

ALEXA XT cameras now offer basic Cooke /i support for direct lens metadata capture through the LDS
contacts. The cameras can store a subset of lens data (focus distance and lens iris settings) as dynamic
camera metadata. The basic /i compatibility has been tested and approved by Cooke Optics Limited.
Running the camera outside the standard speeds of 23.976 to 30 fps, may produce an offset of several
frames. Certain lens settings will produce an offset lens data readout (e.g. iris open). This can be corrected
manually, after the metadata had been extracted (ARRI Meta Extract). For support and questions about /i
Technology, please contact Cooke Optics directly.

To download SUP v8.1, ALEXA owners must log in after completing a one-time registration on the ARRI website. The file can then be downloaded to an SD card for uploading into the camera. In addition to the release notes for SUP v8.1, ARRI has recently updated the Digital Cameras section of its website with white papers, menu interface simulators, new camera FAQs, and other information.