Bildspel från BSC Expo av Jon Fauer, ASC

BSC Expo in London was the best ever. More than 5500 visitors gathered in the Battersea Park Evolution exposition space on Feb 1-2. If there was a theme, it was full frame and large format lenses. Panavision had 11 or 12 series of large format sphericals and anamorphics at their lens bar. Michael Cioni’s 4-screen display let you compare the same scene shot with 4 different lenses.

Leitz Cine let loose three prototype Leica Format Leitz Primes: 18mm, 65mm and 75mm all T1.8. Cooke had the latest 65mm Panchro /i Classic (full format) and Full Frame Plus 1.8x anamorphic /i lenses. ARRI Signature Primes are delivering on schedule and ZEISS showed their latest 135mm T1.5 Supreme.

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