Blue Sync FSU synkroniserar fotoblixt med filmkamera

När man vill ha med en fotoblixt på film har man mindre än 50% chans att få med blixten på en full exponerad filmruta utan synkronisering mellan filmkameran och blixten. Blixten kan gå av när spegelslutaren är stängd eller endast öppen till hälften. Med denna synk unit löser man detta problem.

BlueSync FSU – synchronize photographic flashlights to motion picture cameras

A scene is featuring a photoshooting, forensics are taking pictures of the site of crime or the POV of a driver is showing a radar speed check in action.

In such or similar cases when photoflashes are used it is important that each triggered flash is on the film in fact and not by accident happened during the transportation phase of the camera so that you can see statistically 50% or less1 of all triggered flashes on the film. BlueSync FSU is a device which can trigger common photoflash devices2 synchronously to motion picture camera phase so that each single flash is 100% on the film.

BlueSync FSU is compatible with all variations of the ARRIFLEX* 16 SR 3 as well as ARRIFLEX* 416 / 416Plus.

(Another variation of BlueSync FSU for use with ARRIFLEX* 435/535 and ARRICAM* ST/LT is in preparation)

Simply plugged into the RS jack of the camera and connected to the used photoflash device, BlueSync FSU can trigger flashes which are 100% within the exposure phase of the camera and thereby on the film afterwards.

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