British Cinematographer Magazine Edition 32

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British Cinematographer magazine som pdf fil. EDITION 32

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President’s Perspective: Sue Gibson BSC on the BSC’s latest camera tests
Production / Post & Techno News: the latest news concerning cinematographers

Who’s Shooting Who?: discover which DPs are working where
Close-Ups: Nina Kellgren BSC, Catherine Derry & Marcus Waterloo
To Live & Let DI: find out who’s putting out the DI grades right now
Meet The New Wave: Christopher Ross… enjoys a “tuning-fork moment”
Syllabus Stories: meet the students being guided by some of the UK’s leading cinematographers
GBCT News: the chairman’s statement, plus other news from the Guild

F-Stop Hollywood: round-up of news from the 2009 awards season
Letter from America: The Digital Dilemma report on archiving has shocked many in the US, and might
surprise you too
IMAGO News: Nigel Walters BSC, president of IMAGO, reports from the 2009 AGM in Bradford

Shooting The Future: your guide to the BSC’s New Equipment Show 2009
On The Job: David Higgs BSC on Lesbian Vampire Killers and Nineteen Eighty Three Camera Creative: Seamus McGarvey BSC ASC on The Soloist