Christopher Doyle Interview “Life of Pi” Oscar, is an Insult to Cinematography

Här är länkar till två läsvärda intervjuer i BLOUIN ARTINFO. I en är Christopher Doyle kritisk mot Oscar-vinnaren ”Life of Pi”. I den andra berättar han ” Why Did Ai Weiwei Shave My Head?”

Blouin Artinfo: ” we asked him about Chilean-born American cinematographer (and wizard lookalike) Claudio Miranda’s best cinematography Oscar for the effects-heavy “Life of Pi”.

Doyle’s first response was his idiosyncratic cackle.

“Do you want me to tell the truth? Ai yay yay yay. Okay. I’m trying to work out how to say this most politely, and no offense to – I don’t know him personally – but what a total fucking piece of shit. Let me be blunt. Ah, fuck. I don’t care, I’m sure he’s a wonderful guy and I’m sure he cares so much, but since 97 per cent of the film is no under his control, what the fuck are you talking about cinematography, sorry. I’m sorry. I have to be blunt and I don’t care, you can write it. I think it’s a fucking insult to cinematography.

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