Chrosziel Zoomer

Sony FX6 and FX9 (as well as FS7 and FS5) cameras have a nice right handgrip with a built-in zoom rocker. The assumption is that you’ll use a Sony zoom lens that has an internal zoom motor.  But what if you want to use a photo or cine zoom lens that lacks an internal motor? There are many E-mount Sony, ZEISS, SIGMA, Angénieux and other zoom lenses there for the asking.
Chrosziel’s new Zoomer (CDM-UNI-Z2) Universal Zoom Motor attaches to a 15mm lens rod. Connect one end of its Y-cable to the Sony camera’s MULTI or 3.5mm port and the other end to the handgrip cable. The Zoom Motor’s Lemo port connects with a D-Tap cable to an onboard battery like Hawk-Woods’s BP-98UX.
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