Cinec Award 2008

A prize for outstanding achievements. One highlight of cinec is the cinecAward, which is awarded in six different categories. The award is presented by the Bavarian Society for the Advancement of Film Technology (FGF), and awarded to innovative and trendsetting products and developments of the Motion Picture Technology.

On Saturday evening after cinec’s first day, which was full of roaring trade in crowded halls, many exhibitors of the Trade Fair for Motion Picture Technology met in Munich’s Old Town Hall to take part in the presentation of the cinecAward. In a picturesque ambience the motion picture industry celebrated its numerous innovations. 30 applications for the much sought-after award had been received, in the end nine prizes were awarded in different categories.

In the field of lighting the international jury accommodated the numerous innovations and awarded four prizes in this category.

cinec Award winners 2008

Camera Technology

The cinecAward for camera technology went to ARRI’s digital camera Arriflex D-21 in connection with the M-scope system. Through this system the full sensor resolution can be used for different aspect ratios up to “cinemascope”-formats.


By different anamorphic elements, Hawk V-Lite, a series of lenses by Vantage Film GmbH, achieves various aspect ratios connected with a high light intensity and was therefore chosen as award-winner in the category Optics.

Camera Support / Grip

In the category camera support systems the jury decided to give a cinecAward to the RTS Rail&Tracking Systems GmbH for their TrackRunner ENT. The TrackRunner is a tracking system for any remote head / camera combination, which enables tracking shots at high speed on long distances. The system already proved its capacity at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.

Camera Equipment

The jury awarded a prize to cmotion GmbH for its very universal and ergonomically designed Video & Data Display, which crucially improves the radio remote control of cameras. A highest possible reliability when controlling acutance and lighting is provided for the camera assistant.
RTS Rail & Tracking Systems GmbH: TrackRunner ENT

Lighting Engineering

Arnold & Richter’s modularly designed LED Pack Shot Kit enables for the first time ever to display an enormous capacity in colour gamut at a high quality of colour rendition exactly reducibly.
The Lux-LED by bebob GmbH / Cineparts, a light camera onboard light, was granted with an award as it solves the problem of focusing and cooling of LED-light in an innovative way.
Rosco’s Lite Pad is a low cost, robust and multi-purpose light especially for use in many locations where larger conventional luminaires simply cannot fit.
The Rosco VIEW System allows a smooth lighting design between an artificially lighted fore- and a naturally lighted background with the help of polarizer filter.

Special Award

J.L. Fisher Inc. received the special award for the Articulated Skateboard Wheels. They solve the noise-problem and enable smooth and effortless transition from straight to curved tracks.

The international jury met the challenge to judge and reward the novelties of 30 national and international applicants. The presentation of the award took place in Munich’s Old Town Hall on 20th September. The cinecAward was promoted by the Free State of Bavaria, the host of the ceremony was the City of Munich.