Dailies are back!

Drylab makes you want to watch dailies again with their much improved software’s.

Drylab, created by John Christian Rosenlund FNF, has for a long time made it possible to keep your entire film production off-line on an ipad, making dailies watching as easy as flipping through a book.

What makes Drylab unique is the use of metadata. Metadata makes the dailies very efficient because it is connected with scene/slate/take/day so you can search for that information, or navigate by swiping from take to take and scene to scene. It also gives a lot of control back to the Cinematographer, because all your decisions about image and grading is recorded and saved digitally together with the takes and shots, easily available for the editing team.

– Dailies? Some people will say. But what’s so great with dailies is that it keeps everybody on the same page so they can work better together – you know 100% that you are discussing the same image. You can also use the waiting time in the taxi back to the hotel to go through your shots from the day, looking for ways to improve your work.

In December Drylab added a bunch of new features, including export of metadata to Avid and Final Cut, resulting in 300% faster logging (according to the crew from the Norwegian WWII TV-drama The Saboteurs, winner of Prix Italia and aired on Channel 4 in the UK). This fast logging is only possible with metadata, and together with that data is also your creative decisions. It makes sure all those decisions are easily available to the editing team in post-production and that no decision is lost.

Other new features include streaming as well as downloading, and support for multi-camera.

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