Denny Clairmont får Technical Awards

Denny Clairmont
Varför jag skriver om Denny Clairmont är att vi är några här i Sverige som känner honom väl. Denny Clairmont är svenskättling. Hans pappa, filmfotografen Lennart Asplund, kommer från Stockholm innan han på 1920-talet utvandrade till Hollywood och tog sig namnet Leonard Clairmont.

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Från Film and Digital Times skrivet av Jon Fauer.

Denny Clairmont, motion picture wizard and head of Clairmont Camera, will receive the John A. Bonner Medal from the Board of Governors of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.
The medal of commendation will be presented at the Scientific and Technical (Sci-Tech) Awards on Saturday, February 12, at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel.

Denny and Terry founded Clairmont Camera in 1976. Today, it is one of the largest camera rental companies in the world. Denny has been a mentor to several generations of cinematographers. His phone number is one of my speed-dial buttons. Whenever I have a technical question, Denny is usually one of the first people to call. If you’re placed on hold, it’s because a camera or lens manufacturer is on the line, also asking his advice. This makes sense. Leonard, his father, was a DP, as was Denny.

Leonard Clairmont
Clairmont Camera innovated, designed, and developed essential new products and accessories.
“For more than three decades Denny has been at the forefront of camera technology, helping cinematographers, camera assistants and film students with evolving technologies and related equipment,” said Academy President Tom Sherak. “His dedication to the craft and his service to the Academy are well-known throughout the industry.”

Denny has served as a member of the Academy’s Scientific and Technical Awards Committee since 1993.

The John A. Bonner Medal is awarded for “outstanding service and dedication in upholding the high standards of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.” Portions of the Scientific and Technical Awards Presentation will be shown during the televised 83rd Oscar ceremony.

Senaste mailet från Denny Clairmont:

Hello Hans,
Thank you for the graduations.. Nothing new to report. We are very busy and the Alexa is in big demand. We have about 25 ea of them working all the time and we get 3 ea more new ones next week and they are already booked.

I saw the RED EPIC camera and some footage from it at RED’s studio in Hollywood and the footage look impressive. I always wonder when I see anybody’s footage if there was any special effort made doing the shooting or in post to make it look good. The only way to know is to shoot your own test.

It is 9 AM and +8 C outside. The rain stopped about two weeks ago and we do not expect any rain for a couple of weeks.

Denny Clairmont