FDTimes December Issue 45

Film and Digital Times, Issue 45
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The new Canon C300 is the cover story. We’re the first to reveal new anamorphic lenses from ZEISS, along with a new Compact Zoom and more Compact Primes. There’s lots of exclusive coverage, exciting new products, industry interviews, and a year-end gear wrap-up. Here’s the contents:

▪ Cover Story: Canon’s new Cinema EOS System and C300 35mm Camera
▪ ZEISS Compact Primes, Compact Zoom, Anamorphic Lenses
▪ The Math of 4:3 and 16:9 Anamorphic Cinematography
▪ ARRI Alexa Studio
▪ ARRI/ZEISS Master Prime 135 mm
▪ Cooke 135 mm Panchro/i and 135 mm 5/i
▪ Cooke Uncoated Panchro/i Primes
▪ Two New ARRI/FUJINON Alura Zooms
▪ FUJINON Premier Zoom BLT Net Holders
▪ Angénieux ADS/i on Optimo Zooms
▪ Interview with Angénieux’s Dominique Rouchon
▪ It’s the Wand that Makes the Wizard—Wood Handgrips
▪ P+S Technik PS-CAM X35 and Hirth Tooth Rosettes
▪ AbelCine Expansion and ProVFM Viewfinder
▪ ARRI Alexa M
▪ Red Scarlet
▪ Schneider iPhone Lens
▪ Data Wrangling: Codex, Avid, Alexa
▪ Aaton Delta Penelope
▪ Sony F3
▪ Chrosziel Support for Sony F3
▪ SRMemory
▪ Sony F65
▪ Iain Neil at Leica Historical Society
▪ Interview with Leica’s Andreas Kaufmann
▪ OConnor Universal Camera Baseplate, O-Focus, Tripod
▪ Hugo’s Hardware Store
▪ Tiffen Dfx 3.0.5
▪ Tiffen Variable ND
▪ Micro Scorpio Head
▪ Movcam Tech
▪ 16×9 Inc Cine Base
▪ 3 New Leica Summilux-C Primes
▪ Kodak Vision3 50D
▪ Cartoni Maxima
▪ iDCPhotoVideo Rods
▪ MTF Services Aperture Control for F3
▪ Sachtler Ace Fluid Head
▪ Manfrotto
▪ Dedolight
▪ Andrew Laszlo, ASC 1926-2011