Fyra nya zoomar från Fujinon

Fujinon optik
Som vi tidigare skrivit om så kommer Fujinon ut med fyra nya zoomobjektiv med PL-fattning, och alla fyra kommer att visas på NAB.

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Fujinon will complete its family of four PL zoom lenses with the roduction of two additional models: the 24-180mm T2.6 and 14.5-45mm T2.0. The new lenses join two PL zooms previously introduced: the 18-85mm T2.0 and 75-400mm 2.8-T3.8.

Designed for current and emerging 35mm format film and digital cinema motion picture cameras, Fujinon’s PL Series offer T-stop, focal range and optical performance previously unavailable in a family of PL zooms. With workable size, industry-inspired functionality and focal range from 14.5mm to 400mm, these zooms provide top performance and cost efficiency.
All four Fujinon PL zooms have 136mm front diameters. Focus, zoom, and iris gears are all in the same position—which speeds up lens changes, since follow focus accessories and lens motors can stay in the same position on the rods. Focus barrel rotation is a uniform 280 degrees on all four lenses.

“There is a lot of excitement about Fujinon’s new PL zooms because of their speed, ranges, and optical quality. Feedback from early users of the PL Series has been enthusiastic. All have been impressed with their low light capabilities, consistent performance, and close color match to industry leading prime lenses,” said Chuck Lee, Fujinon Technology Manager.

Working models will be displayed in Fujinon’s booth, and additionally at Sony and Band Pro booth locations. All four PL zoom lenses are now available for purchase, and are becoming increasingly available from top rental house facilities.