How DP Hoyte Van Hoytema Reinvented Day-for-Night in ‘Nope’

Some of my favorite shots from Jordan Peele’s modern horror classic Nope happened at the dead of night—or at least what looked like night. From the stillness of a horse looking out into the eerie vastness of a California valley to the entirety of the blood rain sequence, Nope might have some of the best day-for-night shots in all of cinema.
We’ve all heard of day-for-night shots and know how to do them, but Nope‘s cinematographer Hoyte Van Hoytema FSF NSC ACS reinvented how filmmakers will approach shooting day-for-night for the rest of time.
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In an interview with Kodak, Van Hoytema breaks down the technical process he and his team endured to shoot convincing night-time sequences with a large format camera.
Article from Kodak