Jost Vacano ASC BVK to be honoured with EnergaCAMERIMAGE lifetime award

Jost Vacano ASC/BVK, born in 1934 in Osnabrück, is one of the most successful German cinematographers. His interest in cinema developed relatively early in his life. He learned filmmaking first by going to the cinema, then on the sets of short films by Peter Schamoni. The collaboration with the director resulted in a dynamically developing television career in the 1960s. Working with such directors as Hansgünther Heyme, Peter Zadek, Wilm ten Haaf, Eberhard Itzenplitz, Rainer Wolffhardt, Rolf Hädrich and Peter Beauvais, Jost Vacano taught himself the tools of the trade through autodidactic practical experience. His interest in technology allowed him to try out new possibilities and invent devices and shooting aids that were not readily available at the time.
 “The Lost Honor Of Katharina Blum”, Volker Schlöndorff, and “Das Boot”, Wolfgang Petersen, is only two of Jost Vacano well know films.
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