Kodak is saying they will make film for years more yet


Also that if the 9 movies nominated for Oscars 2013, 6 of these used film not HD. Actually “Argo” used Alexa HD for low light levels and others are doing the same thing. Using film and then Alexa for night exteriors.

Denny Clairmont, Clairmont Film & Digital

From Bruce Berke, Kodak:

After some downsizing over the past 18 months, the company has restructured our business to be much more efficient, and in line with the current industry landscape. We’ve hit some important benchmarks, including the recent sale of our patent portfolio for $525 million, and are on track for a successful emergence from Chapter 11 re-organization later this year.

Most importantly, Entertainment Imaging continues to be an important and profitable business for Kodak, selling over a billion linear feet each year, and we’re committed to continuing to manufacture film for many years to come. As you probably saw, film is heavily represented in the Academy Awards nominations (including 6 of the 9 Best Picture nominations) and with your help and continued support we are looking forward to great things in 2013!

Best wishes,

Bruce Berke | Regional Account Manager | Entertainment Imaging – Eastman Kodak Company