Kodak visar en laserprojektor

Kodak Laser Projector
Kodak har nu gjort en laserprojektor för biografer, som skall ge två gånger så mycket ljus för 3D som dagens projektorer med xenonljus. Laserprojektorer är ingen nytt, redan på 1980-talet visades laserprojektorer för HD på Photokina i Köln. Det blev ingen marknadsprodukt då priset vad högt och det krävdes omfattade kylning med vatten.

Detta var för ca 25 år sedan och under tiden har lasertekniken utvecklats och är nu mogen att nå ut på marknaden i form av en projektor.

You’ve seen digital. You’ve seen 3D. Now you can see the future. Welcome to Laser.

KODAK Laser Projection Technology combines the strengths of lasers with digital projection to deliver more than just a new light source to the cinema industry. This unique full projector optical design leverages the best attributes of lasers to deliver high dynamic range, wide color gamut, high optical efficiency, low energy usage and substantially brighter 3D than systems common to the industry, while at the same time resolving laser’s toughest problem — laser speckle.

Kodak has developed a proof-of-concept prototype projector utilizing KODAK Laser Projection Technology. This revolutionary projection technology proves the viability of using lasers in the motion picture exhibition industry — delivering:
• Combined 2D and 3D projection capability

• Bright 3D images, twice as bright as those common in the

• High dynamic range and wide color gamut performance

• High power efficiency

• DCI capable 2K resolution scalable to 4K

Since the invention of lasers some 50 years ago, engineers and scientists have made many attempts to use the technology for high quality motion picture projection. With KODAK Laser Projection Technology……now you can.

**Bright 3D*
• Lasers are inherently polarized. By eliminating the light losses
caused by polarizing, the unpolarized Xenon source, we gain twice
the light output of conventional systems.
• The use of optical fibers has been eliminated, allowing the
polarization states to remain pure through the entire optical system
and improving the optical efficiency of the system.

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership
• The entire projector optical system has been redesigned, leveraging
the benefits of laser illumination and resulting in a cost-effective
• The lower energy consumption of the lasers compared to the Xenon
lamp creates the potential for significant energy savings for the
overall system.
• Lasers deliver long life without the early drop in power common with
Xenon lamps.
• Environmental and safety benefits through the elimination of Xenon
lamps and lower energy consumption.
• Elimination of service costs associated with Xenon lamps.

Commercialization Ready
• Kodak is actively working with potential licensees to commercialize
as quickly as possible.
• Technology viability is proven through the fully functional Digital
Cinema quality projector prototype.
• The prototype has a footprint equivalent to current projectors. Kodak
has further refined the design to fit into a package size proportionate
to other 10,000 lumen class projectors.
• Kodak laser safety analysis completed and filed with the FDA.
• Cost-conscious design approach used for the prototype.
• Design is scalable from 10,000 to 40,000 lumens enabling
commercialization of a single product platform.

Color Gamut
Key Features
Dual 2D / 3D Operating Modes
• 14 fL Screen Brightness on a 40ft gain of 1 screen.

• 8 fL Screen Brightness on a 40ft gain of 2.3 silver screen.
High Dynamic Range. Operating dynamic range of 10,000:1 with a demonstrated capability of 20,000:1. Scalable Optical Power Capability
Operating at 11,000 lumens, with designed in scalability to 40,000 lumens.
Wide Color Gamut
Encompasses the DCI specified minimum color gamut while providing a capability for the creative community to expand their creative palettes.
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ROCHESTER, NEW YORK, Eastman Kodak Company announced that it has developed revolutionary laser projection technology that delivers both 2D and bright 3D images within today’s stringent technical standards for digital motion picture presentation. Kodak is currently demonstrating a prototype projector incorporating the KODAK Laser Projection Technology to key industry leaders.

“So far, reaction has been tremendous,” said Les Moore, Kodak’s chief operating officer for Digital Cinema. “In addition to producing a wide range of colors, the KODAK Laser Projection Technology offers wide dynamic range, deep blacks, and a bright 3D image display. I think people see this technology as a potential game-changer for digital projection.”

According to Moore, the KODAK Laser Projection Technology is a key ingredient to potential improvements in digital cinema picture quality for future movie-goers. This technology offers the potential for a reduction in total cost of ownership through a cost-conscious design, combined with the efficiencies gained through using laser illumination systems including, lower energy consumption and the anticipated long lifetime of lasers.

Kodak is currently in discussions with potential licensing partners to commercialize a projector product using the KODAK Laser Projection Technology.

Kodak has invited industry participants to a series of demonstrations of the projector at the company’s in-house theater, Theater on the Ridge, located in Rochester, NY. For more information about Kodak’s 3D laser projector and technology demonstrations, please visit www.kodak.com/go/laserprojection.

“Kodak continues to be a leader in the entertainment industry,” said Kim Snyder, president, Entertainment Imaging, Kodak. “We’re driving revolutionary improvements in digital cinema projection technology that can significantly improve the theatrical experience for the moviegoer – especially in 3D – the range of available tones and colors for the creative community, and the cost of ownership for the exhibitor.”