Kompakt Snorkelobjektiv från P+S Technik

SKATER SCOPE är ett helt nytt snorkelobjektiv för 35 mm kameror med PL-fattning. Vad som är unikt med Skater Scope är dess kompakthet. Motsvarande tidigare system har varit 2,5 ggr. längre. Ljusförlusten är endast 2/3-dels bländarsteg. Största bländare T5,6

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The SKATER Scope is the first truly compact periscope lens system providing all the creative freedom you want. It is the result of close cooperation between renowned DoPs and P+S Technik to ensure best performance in practical use.

As it is considerably shorter in its overall length, with clear operating controls, the SKATER scope makes it possible to work quickly and intuitively. Interfering vibrations or oscillations, which can occur with some existing longer snorkel lens systems, e.g. when remote controls are used, can be practically excluded.

By means of an optimized length between a short tilt element and a main snorkel unit approximately 2.5 times longer, the greatest flexibility is achieved for the DoP. Nevertheless the overall length is still sufficient for critical light situations, to avoid an interfering casting of shadows by the camera body.

Optical Information

With an aperture of 5.6, the SKATER Scope is an ideal compromise between size and light transmission and is still faster than compararable systems of similar complexity. The calculated aperture is 4 1/3, the light loss 2/3 of a stop.

The SKATER Scope is characterized by the well-known high quality of products by P+S Technik. Only multiply coated lenses and optical components of superior quality are used.

The whole optical arrangement was newly calculated for the Super 35 mm format and is optimally adjusted for the pupil position of current lenses such as Zeiss HS 1.3, Cooke S4, and Arri/Zeiss Ultra Primes. Thus the excellent imaging quality and an extreme flat field with minimized vignetting is ensured even in the low aperture range.

Via a separate “Image Rotation” adjustment ring the image can be rotated completely around the optical axis by 360° (even several times) without restriction. A two-color scale with engraved angle degrees and a 0.8 module gear makes it possible to control the image rotation with standard lens control systems. The image rotation is used to level the horizon or to achieve “dutched” camera angles without altering the position of the camera.

By means of a back focus adjustment ring the close focus can be shifted similar to an additional extension of the lens of about 10mm, so that the close focus area is enlarged, to allow macro shots even with standard lenses.

Mechanical Information

The movable tilt element can be tilted in a large range of -105° to +105° and engaged in any desired 2.5° increment. Thus the SKATER Scope can be used as a straight version (borescope) and as a bent version (periscope) with any desired angle. The lateral offset between the tilt element and the main snorkel body is only 50 mm and is thus a lot narrower than any extisting system. Also, the complete lens block can be pivoted with respect to the main snorkel body into any desired angle and be fixed with a straining ring. A detailed scale shows the precise angle of pivoting.

Support brackets with 15mm or 19mm rods can be attached to the tilt element laterally or at the top. These brackets are part of the SKATER Scope accessories and allow to attach standard lens control motors.
The main snorkel body is supported by a standard support bridge. For the ARRI 235 a shorter support block is optionally available so that the SKATER Scope is compatible with the laterally at-tached optional support system of this camera. In this case the SKATER Scope is inserted into the PL mount with a 90° offset.

Expands creative freedom on SKATER Mini

The SKATER Scope is ideal to complement the SKATER Mini Camera Dolly. Lens height, tilt angle and lateral view can be fixed rapidly and in almost any position. For example, it is possible to bring a lens right above a surface or to adjust the lens height according to an object with great precision. Even with an extremely low lens position it is still possible to obtain views from below.

It is also possible to turn the complete tilt block laterally via the”pivot” adjustment and thus to “fly over” objects, for instance. Due to the compact and short design of the SKATER Scope, it is much easier to work with it in connection with a SKATER Mini Camera Dolly compared to conventional snorkel lens systems. The 50 mm lateral offset of the tilt element can be easily compensated with the aid of the Rotation Calculator. As mentioned before, with the help of the back focus adjustment ring the close focus range of primes can be extended for macro shots.

Various Mounts, SD/HD Version

The SKATER Scope is available with camera mounts in PL or Panavision mount. For video applications in HD or SD a version with a B4 camera mount is also available. The offered lens mounts are PL, Panavision, Nikon, and Leica M mounts. The exchange of camera mounts or lens mounts respectively can be carried out by a technician in the rental house.

A B4/B4 version, which will e.g. allow the use of Zeiss Digi Primes, is to follow.

SKATER Scope on location

The compact and short design and the good light transmission makes the SKATER Scope a flexibly applicable snorkel system beyond table top and macro shots. For setups with limited space, for example in vehicles, a maximum distance between the lens and the actor can be obtained with the aid of a bent tilt module. The cameraman can freely choose the angle at which the tilt module is bent (+/- 105°) as well as the degree of pivoting the entire tilt block.

Extremely low camera positions which could often only be obtained with a low angle prism can now even be executed with wide angle lenses. Also, the SKATER Scope is helpful for setups involving critical light situations in which the largest possible leeway for lighting around the lens is required. Image rotations are possible without restriction with a focus control, for example to give crane or car shots greater dynamics by adding some roll movement to the shot.

Ideal snorkel system for motion control

Combined with motion control the SKATER Scope is an ideal solution due to the freely choosable range between the straight tilt module (borescope) and the bent tilt module (periscope). The SKATER Scope can be individually adapted to the requirements of the motion control path. Since the tilt angle can be fixed in any desired 2.5° steps, pre-chosen angle positions can be reproduced. The small 50 mm lateral offset of the tilt element can be electronically compensated, so that operating with a precise nodal point of a lens does not present a problem.

Because of it’s short design the actual path of a camera head when panning or tilting around lens nodal is much shorter. Dynamic limits of the rig are not as easily reached, and also the snorkel in itself is less prone to vibrations. The image rotation can be controlled as an additional axis by a focus motor to add rolling (flight) movements without any need of a bulky mechanical roll axis.


  • Adjust tilt element from -105° to +105°
  • Lens block pivots full 360°
  • Full 360° unlimited optical image rotation
  • Back focus extends close focus to macro
  • Superior image quality, covers Super35
  • T 5.6
  • Camera mounts: PL or Panavision
  • Video version for HD/SD with B4 camera mount availble
  • Lens mounts: PL, Panavision, Nikon or Leica M available
  • Expands creative freedom of your SKATER Mini Dolly

Technical Specifications:

  • Overlength in straight mode / PL mount: 335,8 mm.
  • Length from PL to PL mount in straight mode: 311,8 mm.
  • Distance PL to center of lens in 90° mode: 215 mm
  • Width: 135,4 mm.
  • Height: 94 mm.
  • Weigth: ca 2950 gr.
  • F-Stops + Light Loss: T4.3 + 0.7 = T5,6
  • Camera mounts: PL, Panavision
  • Video Version SD / HD: B4
  • Lens Mounts: PL, Panavision, Nikon, Leica M.
  • Filmformat: S-35, N35, S-16 och N16.
  • Backfocus lens extension: 10 mm.
  • Range of tilt element: +/- 105° in 2,5° increment.
  • Pivot on lens block: unlimited 360°
  • Image Rotation: unlimited 360°