Linus Sandgren Re-Creates the Me Decade for Battle of the Sexes

Här två artiklar om Linus Sandgren, FSF, och hans fotograferande av filmen Battle of the Sexes.

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How the Camera Captures the Subversive Politics of the ’70s for Battle of the Sexes.

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Hello Hans,

Sunday night Shannon and I went to the TV academy and saw the movie Battle Of The Sexes, SHOT ON KODAK FILM with Arri Cam LT and Arri Cam ST cameras we sold to Cam-Tech who supplied them to the show. We saw this 2.35:1 and surely it was 2 perf which is what we sold to Cam-Tech. We sold Cam Tech 2 perf, 3 perf, and 4 perf movements.

This is a very good movie and surely will be nominated for Oscars in many departments including cinematography. The DP was a Swedish DP living in Los Angeles named Linus Sandgren.

                                                                 Denny Clairmont