Masterklass med Vittorio Storaro i Göteborg

Exclusive Master class with Maestro of Light: VITTORIO STORARO – A.S.C., A.I.C

The FilmTraining Company is proud to present an exceptional guest of honor at the Film Training Company’s Master Class 2010: Vittorio Storaro will illuminate the whole of the Nordic region with his genius and hold an exclusive Master Class Jan 31st – Feb 2nd including his extraordinary seminar “Light and Shade in Caravaggio” and amazing film retrospect from his over 40 year long career.

The works of master cinematographer Vittorio Storaro have some of the most amazing photography you will ever see in cinema. Well known to all cinema lovers and filmmakers, thanks to a long brilliant career as Director of Photography for the most influential directors and distinguished by important international recognition, including no less than 3 Oscars.

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Exhibition Premiers in Scandinavia Maestro of Light: VITTORIO STORARO – A.S.C., A.IC
From 29th of January to the 1st of March 2010, The Film Training Company presents a master’s photographic exhibition for the first time in the Nordic region in Gothenburg Sweden.

“A life’s project. An encyclopedia of a visionary, a researcher, a historian of what philosophers, painters and scientists has been searching about the enigma of vision”
Vittorio Storaro

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2010 – Advanced Cinematography Workshop
Each year, cinematographers and Dop’s from all over the world converge at the FTC Advanced Cinematography Workshop event of the year for 4 days of cutting edge inspiration, advice, networking and gaining industry insight by meeting some of the top players of the cinematography world.

Join us in Gothenburg Sweden with this year’s specially invited guest for a Master Class seminar, in collaboration with industry supporters Kaczek Visuals , LiteGrip , Camera Center , Light Center , Shoot & Post , Kodak , FUJI and Lenzflare International .

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NEW Workshop: Introduction to Professional Grading

Ever wondered how some of the most amazing motion picture images with magnificent color, texture and richness of quality are created and how you could do the same with your film images? Introducing The FTC’s Introduction to Professional Grading workshop! Learn the secrets of how to make your images look as amazing as the big budget productions.

This workshop is useful for: Cinematographers, videographers, directors, producers and those who wish to enter the exciting world of professional grading.

Main industry sponsor: Shoot & Post

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Workshop – Film Production and Cinematography
This workshop goes beyond what is offered elsewhere and is an immersion into both the technical and creative elements of cinematography and film production.

The 5-day workshop is for all filmmakers including, producers, directors, cinematographers, photographers and videographers who want to gain experience in what it takes to shoot a professional film both on the premier motion capture medium 16 and 35mm and the newest digital cameras available to filmmakers, such as the Red One and the SI2K. This course is facilitated by working professionals in film and television and supported by established camera rental companies, film manufacturers and post-production facilities.

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