New High-Speed, Full-Frame Prime Lenses Added to the High-End ZEISS Supreme Prime Series

Three new high-speed, full-frame prime lenses – an 18 mm T1.5, 40 mm T1.5, and 200 mm T2.2 – have been added to the high-end ZEISS Supreme Prime series of cine lenses. The addition of the new 40 millimeter prime lens with a maximum aperture of T1.5 means that there is now a total of 14 prime lenses available in the series.
“By adding a 40 millimeter lens, we have introduced a surprise member to the ZEISS Supreme Prime family,” said Christophe Casenave, responsible for Cinema Products at ZEISS. “Since launching these lenses, we have been in constant contact with customers worldwide and will continue to work on further enhancing this family. We added the new lens in order to respond flexibly to our customers’ desire to close the gap between the 35 and 50 millimeter focal length.”
You can watch an angle of view comparison of the ZEISS Supreme Prime focal lengths from 18 to 200 millimeter here. A comparison of the lenses in terms of perspective, focus and bokeh can be found here.
Video 1      Video 2
The ZEISS Supreme Prime lens family now consists of 14 prime lenses with fixed focal lengths between 15 and 200 millimeter and maximum apertures from T1.5 to T2.2. Eleven of the 14 lenses have a fast T-stop of T1.5. The lens family is known for its outstanding quality, light weight, and the versatile look of its images. The new lenses can be ordered immediately and will be delivered starting in September.