New cinema system from Panavision makes 3D “simple”

3D cinema
First 3D system compatible with all installed screens and projectors. Panavision today announced the first 3D system compatible with all cinema screens – white or silver – and all cinema grade projectors – film or digital – used in theatres worldwide.

“Our industry faces a challenge,” said Eric Rodli, Senior Vice President, Panavision Inc. “With the unprecedented availability and popularity of 3D content, studios need more 3D screens available, while exhibitors need to use their screens more flexibly. This new 3D system offers a high-quality solution to address those issues. It enables exhibitors to show 2D or 3D content on the same screens, and to convert back and forth easily, without making major new investments in new screens or projection equipment.”

Using spectral filtration technology to ‘comb’ the spectrum, this system gives audiences the sensation of seeing the full color spectrum in each eye. Because the system uses the entire visible spectrum, polarization is not required; so images can be shown on a white screen – and the system can be used with all projectors, with the use of a special lens for film projectors or a filter mechanism for digital systems.
The lens and filters are part of the new Panavision offering, which also includes high quality reusable glasses and a cleaning and sanitizing system. System set-up, training and technical support are also provided.

“The glasses are one key to system quality,” said John Galt, Senior Vice President for Advanced Digital Imaging at Panavision. “Ours have lenses with tempered dichroic-coated glass for exceptional color stability and consistent performance – although they are made at a very reasonable cost. And because our approach is based on splitting light, we’re ‘technology neutral’ – the same glasses can be used with film or digital systems.”

In addition, Panavision’s ability to project 3D images on white screens – with their more ‘even’ center-to-edge illumination vs. silver screens – enables more of the audience – sitting higher or lower in stadium seating, or off to the side in wide auditoriums – to more accurately see the colors and image quality the filmmakers intended.

Panavision is taking a lead role in designing and marketing this system; the filter technology has been developed by Omega Optical, worldwide supplier of custom filters for a variety of demanding applications.
The new Panavision 3D system will be available worldwide, beginning in the Fall of 2010.

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