Nu har Fujis film Eterna Vivid kommit i en ny version med känsligheten 500 ISO. Sedan ett par år tillbaks finns Eterna Vivid med känsligheten 160 ISO. Vivid-filmerna har en högre kontrast och större färgmättnad än Fujis vanliga Eterna-filmer.

A new high speed E.I. 500*1motion picture color negative film offering high color saturation and high contrast
ETERNA Vivid 500

Producing sharp, color-intensive images even in night or room scenes FUJIFILM announces the introduction of ETERNA Vivid 2 500, a new tungsten type motion picture color negative film (E.I. 500; 35mm/16mm) formulated to offer high color saturation and high contrast. ETERNA Vivid 500 is the newest member of the Fujifilm ETERNA family of motion picture color negative films.

The family members, including ETERNA 500, a high speed film with ultra fine grain, ETERNA 400 delivering remarkable shadow detail along with soft and smooth gradation, ETERNA 250/250D providing expanded latitude for significantly enhanced shadow detail and ETERNA Vivid 160 offering excellent sharpness with highly saturated color and high contrast, have earned acclaim from film creators all over the world.

With the efficient work of Fujifilm’s proprietary grain and coupler technology, the newest member of the ETERNA family, “ETERNA Vivid 500” delivers the high color saturation and high contrast with its high speed of E.I. 500. As ETERNA Vivid 500 shares the same gradation and color saturation characteristics with ETERNA Vivid 160 ,which is popular for intensity and translucence, the seamless use of these two types is possible. With ETERNA Vivid 500, distinctive and crisp images of ranging from day scenes to night scenes can be reproduced.
All films in the ETERNA family are characterized by their ability to reproduce natural skin tones and grays in under-to over-exposed conditions. In addition to these characteristics, as ETERNA Vivid 500 is designed to provide high contrast and high color saturation, it reproduces crisp images, intense and translucent colors, and deep blacks, enabling a wide range of expressive dramatic effects.

Optimization of orange mask density and sharpness balance contribute to enhanced image quality for film scanning or direct telecine transfer of images from negative film to videotape, making this newest addition to the ETERNA lineup well suited for commercials and other motion picture production utilizing the latest advanced digital technologies.
Fujifilm aims to contribute to motion picture production by actively engaging in the development of new additions to the ETERNA family and other motion picture films and providing a wide range of highquality imaging products.

ETERNA Vivid 500 Features
1. High color saturation
An evolved version of ETERNA series’ Super Efficient DIR-Coupler Technology promotes adhesion and separation of colors, creating a rich, translucent palette.
2. High contrast
The high contrast of ETERNA Vivid 500 reproduces rich and vivid color combined with crisp and deep blacks required for theatrical films.
3. Optimized gradation balance
ETERNA Vivid 500’s optimized gradation produces balanced, natural skin tones and grays across a wide range of exposure conditions.
4. A seamless match with ETERNA Vivid 160
Sharing the intense, translucent palette of Vivid 160, ETERNA Vivid 500 makes it possible to create seamless footage during editing.
5. Enhanced telecine characteristics
Excellent linear response and color balance facilitate color adjustment during telecine transfer. Optimized orange mask density and sharpness balance result in improved scanning characteristics. In addition to exceptional sharpness, these improvements also minimize noise during film scanning.

*2 ETERNA Vivid
Based on the word “eternal,” the ETERNA designation embodies the hope that creators will use this motion picture color negative film series to create works that will be remembered forever.
“Vivid” means bright, intense, and brilliant, and was selected as the product name for this newest addition to the ETERNA family, characterized by high-contrast, highly saturated translucent film images.
*3 Super Nano-structured Grain Technology
. This technology precisely controls the light-sensitive structure of the silver-halide grain to nano-scale, resulting in extremely fine silver halide grain. With photons generated by exposure to light concentrated in the photosensitive nucleus via electron accumulators, the grain is designed with a precise electro accumulator structure that efficiently concentrates photons to form the latent image. The grain configuration is precisely engineered to a thickness that minimizes reflections, effectively limiting dispersion of light and enhancing sharpness.
*4 Super-Efficient Coupler Technology. 
A yellow coupler has been developed for enhanced color formation effect during processing. This highly efficient color formation makes it possible to create a thinner layer of emulsion, minimizing dispersion of light and creating crisp, clear images with little distortion.
*5 Super-Efficient DIR-Coupler Technology
This is the technology which employs DIR Couplers in order to control the image formation process by releasing development inhibitors during development and produce improved definition and color reproduction. DIR couplers work effectively with the Super Nano-structured Grain, resulting in further enhancements in color and sharpness.

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