Nyheter från NAB 2010

ARRI Alexa
ARRI och Digital Vision annonserar ett samarbete när det gäller digitala arbetskopior. Den stora nyheten är annars Arri Alexa från vilken det nu finns rörliga bilder.

Olika Arri Alexa videos.

ARRI 12mm Master Primes
Arri visar även 12 mm Master Primes, T1.3. Världens ljusstarkaste 12 mm objektiv och många andra nyheter.

Här en länk till sida om Arris nyherer på NAB

Aaton visar sitt digitala magasin till Penelope. Ladda hem pdf-fil här

Ladda hem Film & Digital Times nr. 31 som bl.a. handlar om NAB

P+S Technik 16Digital SR Mag
P+S Technik har nu sitt 16-Digitala magasin till Arri SR 16 färdigt och är nu under beta-test.


Unveiled today at NAB, the agreement between the two companies will see the launch of a jointly developed state-of the-art digital dailies product tailored to the ARRISCAN digital film scanner.

The new system, which will revolutionize the digital dailies process, incorporates the features and benefits of Digital Vision’s DI workflow such as QC, grading, audio and metadata management, combined with the best of ARRI’s color and image science. The new software is expected for release in Q3 2010.

“We are delighted to announce this partnership with ARRI, which will provide studios and facilities with a digital dailies process that improves today’s DI workflows,” says Simon Cuff, Digital Vision’s COO. “The Nucoda philosophy has been adopted by studios and facilities worldwide, and the combination of Nucoda and the ARRISCAN is a first class proposition for the industry.”

Stephan Schenk, ARRI’s General Manager of the Business Unit Camera & DI Systems, says: “More than 100 ARRISCANs are currently in use worldwide for feature film scanning as well as for a wide range of commercial, film restoration and digital dailies applications. Constant evolution since its introduction in 2004 has made the ARRISCAN the future-proof investment in film digitizing and this latest development with Digital Vision’s Nucoda technology will redefine the digital dailies process. Digital Vision has an excellent reputation and we look forward to announcing the first sales later in the year.”

P+S Technik

The 16 Digital SR Mag from P+S TECHNIK is in Field Testing Phase. This year P+S TECHNIK takes a great leap forward in the digital revolution: The 16Digital SR Mag is going to bridge the gap between both the film and digital worlds.

Soon, you’re able to transform your Arri 16SR Film Camera into a state-of-the-art Digital Cinematography Camera. With the 16Digital SR Mag, your Arri 16SR camera will be able to shoot up to 60 fps, with a sensor resolution of 1920 x 1080, to HD RAW files. Designed for versatility, the 16Digital SR Mag combines the intuitive user interface known from film with fast and convenient digital workflow advantages.

The camera works just as usual – except for there’s no film stock in the magazine, but a digital device allowing the operator to shoot and digitally capture on set. The optical viewfinder remains intact, and you’ll be able to use all your 16mm PL mount lenses. Of course, you’ll be able to easily switch back and forth from film to digital because all changes are non-destructive and completely reversible.

“The migration from film to digital is an important challenge for our customers. P+S TECHNIK faces this challenge and combines innovative steps forward in Digital Film and High Definition. No other camera model on the market gives you the freedom to shoot and capture Digital Film, High Definition and analogue film”, said Michael Erkelenz, Manager Business Unit Digital Capturing at P+S TECHNIK Powerful 16Digital SRushes Software Solution for the 16Digital SR Mag.

The 16Digital SR Mag is delivered with 16Digital SRushes workflow software for all applications you need for digital dailies processing. This year P+S TECHNIK takes a great leap forward in the digital revolution of cinematography: The 16Digital SR Mag bridges the gap between both film and digital worlds. The 16Digital SR Mag is designed to transform Arri 16 SR cameras into HD Video and Digital Cinematography cameras. Designed for versatility, the 16Digital SR Mag combines the intuitive user interface known from film with convenient state-of-the-art digital workflow advantages.

To take maximum advantages of the digital world the 16Digital SR Mag is delivered with 16Digital SRushes software offering a complete workflow solution for digital dailies processing. The 16Digital SRushes workflow software supports the 12-bit CineForm RAW format and 10-bit CineForm 4:2:2 HD format used by the 16Digital SR Mag. The 16Digital SRushes software is a joint development of P+S TECHNIK and Pomfort.

Enjoy the following features of 16Digital SRushes:

  • Realtime playback of high res RAW files (incl. CineForm codec in Apple QuickTime MOV container files)
  • Primary 3-way color correction for digital dailies
  • Generation of proxy formats including transcoder support for Apple ProRes and Avid DNxHD (incl. metadata support and visual burn-ins)
  • Clip and media management in central clip library
  • Support of batch processing and automation of all editing, transcoding and media management processes

The 16Digital SRushes workflow software for immediate quality control, media management and transcoding for RAW workflows is included in the delivery content of the 16Digital SR Mag from P+S TECHNIK. P+S Technik will deliver the 16Digital SR Mag in Q3 2010. Please contact your local P+S TECHNIK dealer for complete pricing information.

P+S TECHNIK chooses CineForm Formats as a Key Element of its Latest Camera Technology Innovations CineForm Formats Provide an Efficient and Safe Bridge to Common Post Production Solutions.

The new 16Digital SR Mag from P+S TECHNIK will include native support for the CineForm RAW 12-bit format and the CineForm HD 10-bit 4:2:2 format. The implementation of these formats in the 16Digital SR Mag allows for the user to choose between Digital Film, High Definition and analogue film. CineForm Digital Intermediate workflows are designed for both Windows and Mac. An efficient and convenient workflow for the 16Digital SR Mag is ensured by several well-known partners such as AJA, Cinegy, Digital Vision, DVS, Iridas, Quantel and Pomfort.

CineForm formats open various post production pipelines meeting all the demands of the market as their cross-applications compatibility takes the workflow integration to the next level. Customers of P+S TECHNIK do a lot of color correction, effects work, etc, in post, and need a format that holds up to the demands they’re placing on their images. CineForm DIs are known for achieving safe, high quality performance and pristine image quality at a very cost competitive price.

CineForm RAW formats are also used by the P+S TECHNIK highly-acclaimed SI-2K camera and will be also used by further innovative products to come from P+S TECHNIK. The first field test units of the 16Digital SR Mag are manufactured and assembled.