Prisregn över svenska filmer i Lübeck

När Nordiska filmdagarna igår avslutades med en galaceremoni på
Theater Lübeck igår kväll stod det klart att fyra svenska filmer vunnit priser,
inklusive det stora NDR-priset. Aldrig någonsin i filmfestivalens 52-åriga historia
har det hänt att så många svenska filmer prisbelönats.

Pernilla Augusts Svinalängorna vann Nordeutsche Rundfunk-priset vilket förutom
en statyett i glas även innebär en pengasumma på 12 500 euro.
Juryns motivering:
A film that moves us deeply on account of its topicality and its radical intensity. The
consistent artistic realization combined with impressive acting performances and
visual accomplishments is very convincing. We were deeply touched by the topic of
a seemingly hopeless living environment that offers no perspective, but which is
nevertheless overcome in the end. A film that is both socially relevant and of artistic
quality as the cosmos of its story unfolds.

Sebbe av Babak Najafi vann barn- och ungdomsfilmspriset. I det priset ingår en summa på 2 500 euro.

Director Babak Najafi’s feature film debut “Sebbe” hurts. 15-year old Sebbe is alone.
He desperately hopes for his mother’s love while being utterly at the mercy of her
emotional unpredictability. Sebbe has no chance of escaping his everyday life,
shaped by poverty, strokes of fate and a lack of perspectives. It is the quiet acting of
the film’s stars Sebastian Hiort af Ornäs and Eva Melander that particularly gives the
film a vehemence that captivated us from beginning to end. The film is delicately
composed and meticulously directed. The harmonious teamwork of all the creative
departments has created a provocative social drama of hopelessness with a lasting
effect on its audience.

Agnieszka Lukasiaks nya film, flyktingdramat Between Two Fires vann kyrkans filmpris

Juryns motivering:
Marta, a young woman, flees Belorussia in search of protection from violence and
abuse. In Sweden, where she hopes to find refuge, she encounters cold
administrative structures and only rare moments of human warmth. Agnieszka
Lukasiak, the director and her protagonist Magda Poplawska succeed in depicting
the manifold aspects of the situation which asylum seekers encounter in an authentic
way. Marta preserves her human dignity even though she is forced to make sacrifices
in a bureaucratic and cold system.

Slutligen vann Sound of Noise av Ola Simonsson och Johannes Stjärne Nilsson det baltiska filmpriset

Juryns motivering:
The Baltic Jury Prize goes to a film that succeeds in showing us familiar things from a
new perspective. A film, that, against our better instincts, encourages us to step up
against the dictate of routine. A film that surprises and inspires, without missing a