Rune Ericson, FSF, remembered.

Hurt LockerBarry Ackroyd, BSC, whose super-16 cinematography for ‘The Hurt Locker’ was nominated for an Oscar at the 82nd Academy Awards, writes,

“On a personal level ..Tho I never met Rune I know he added a powerful tool to cinema. The simplest ideas are often the best. And by reduction. Taking a few mm off the film gate, he gave us super 16 mm, a format that is unique and revolutionary. Rune freed my vision and allowed a new way of seeing.”

Barry Ackroyd President BSC

Barry Measure writes,

“It was with a great deal of personal sadness that I heard the news of Rune’s sad passing. Although, as we say in England, “He had a good Innings” (A reference to cricket, which passes many non-cricketing nations by), it was still a great shock to those who knew him, as you had the feeling, he’d go on for ever.

I first got to know him when I was Managing Director of Samuelson Film Service, London, as a fellow Panavision Agent based in Sweden. However, we become very close, when we were both lobbying hard for the introduction and adoption of Super 35, as a composition format for those wishing to shoot Anamorphic but without the Budget to realise their dream.

Through his tenacity, determination and technical genius, many motion pictures transcended the ordinary to become masterpieces. His like will be sorely missed.”

J. Barry Measure BAFTA, BSC (Friend), BKSTS (Fellow), BSc (Mech. Eng.)

The Guild of British Camera Technicians write,

“We have just heard that Rune Ericson’s funeral service will be held in Stockholm on 4th March. May we, the Board and Membership of the Guild of British Camera Technicians, offer our most sincere condolences to all Rune’s family and friends at this time.”

Deanne Edwards
For and on behalf of the GBCT Board & Membership

Nic Knowland, BSC, writes,

“I received the sad news of the passing of Rune.
I have many memories of Rune, as father of super 16 and agent for Aaton. He was always alive with ideas and contributions to the development of more affordable film making. Please pass my condolences and respects on to his family and to all of you cinematographers in Sweden. You have indeed lost a giant of cinema who’s contribution will long be remembered.

Respectfully yours,
Nic Knowland BSC and fellow Aaton agent..”

Rune Ericson fsf 50år