digital Super-16 kamera från Arri?

Arri kommer med all trolighet att utveckla en digital S-16 kamera, speciellt med tanke på skolor med utbildning av morgondagens cinematogapher.

Now listening to advices from cinematographers and film teachers, ARRI offers to develop a digital camera solution especially targeting film schools and universities (only). ARRI calls it EDC-16; «Educational Digital Camera 16 mm»

This project is based on existing ARRI cameras ( two different options), but will offer unique features according to the needs of basic film education, such as Super 16 mmm target size in native Full HD quality and an administration mode by which the camera functions can be reduced to the basics by the film schools technicians or teachers, for example to black & white «reversal style» only or to a limit of the recording time. A special business model for film schools (buying or renting) is announced.

To get more information about the interest in such a solution, ARRI has started and online inquiry:

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Peter C. Slansky
Professor and head of the department of technology of the Munich University of Television and Film HFF