Sony F65 en kamera som Hollywood gillar?

Sony F65
Redan innan den kan levereras har Sony sålt över 200 st. F65 kameror i USA. Leverans börjar i januari.

I Sverige visades kameran den 16 december och prover visades i Sonys 4K projektor. Jag hade möjligheten att se närmare på F65 i Köpenhamn, under IMAGO seminariet i november, och där visades också bilder på duk. Vi var alla imponerade över kvalitén, men några jämförande tester med Alexan ser jag fram emot.

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Se en demo-video från Abel Cine

De första kamerorna kommer att levereras till uthyrningsfirmorna Otto Nemenz och Clairmont Cameras. I Hollywood tror de framöver att Alexa kommer att användes för TV-produktion, som ej behöver 4K, och F65 för biograffilm.

Så här skriver Denny Clairmont i ett mail till mig:

-The Alexa is the hot camera and we have 35 ea of them in rental and this is not enough. We are waiting to the Alexa Studio which we have had 6 ea on order for two years now. They will start arriving very soon.

-We have 12 ea of the Sony F 65’s on order. I feel that the 16 bit is more important then the 4 K for the big screen. Not needed for TV.

-Two days ago I saw ”Hugo” in 3 D shot with the Alexa and it looked great. I did not like the story or acting. Bob Richardson ASC photography looked great and the CGI was wonderful. Especially in the first few minutes of the movie. Since the Alexa is neither 4 K or 16 bit it makes one wonder how important this really is. I am sure if this was 16 bit the CGI would be a lot easier to do. I do not think the 3 D enhanced the movie.

-Arri must have plans to update the Alexa camera to 4 K and 16 bit.

Sony Launches F65 CineAlta Camera and Unveils End-to-End 4K Workflow for Digital Cinematography

Breakthrough Price and IT-based Open Platform Technology Deliver Unprecedented Levels of Production Flexibility for Content Creators

The F65 derives true 4K resolution – and beyond – at the point of image capture. “4K” resolution is 4096 x 2160, which is more than four times greater than the full HD (1920×1080) spec. Its unique 8K image sensor, with approximately 20 total megapixels, offers higher image fidelity than any other digital cinema production camera. With 16-bit Linear RAW File output capability, the F65 creates the gateway to an end-to-end 4K file-based mastering workflow.

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“This is the camera Hollywood has asked for, designed specifically for filmmakers,” said Alec Shapiro, senior vice president of Sony’s Professional Solutions of America group. “The ability to shoot content in true native 4K resolution lets filmmakers capture more of what they’re seeing through the lens to fully realize their vision. The F65’s incredible imager captures more data, which translates to more information that can be put up on the screen. And access to an open and inclusive platform enables the integration of an F65 file-based workflow into other systems, creating truly exciting, and limitless, production opportunities.”

Sony first announced the F65 at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) show in April, and the camera has already distinguished itself by offering superb resolution, incredible dynamic range and the truest color reproduction of any available camera.
With its latest enhancements and features, the F65’s capabilities now include:

  • 14 stops High Dynamic Range with much wider color gamut
  • Rotary shutter model (F65RS) to remove motion artifacts; four ND Filter built-in with rotary shutter.
  • Wi-fi operation for remote control operation from tablet devices (including the Android-based Sony Tablet S and Apple iPad)
  • HD-SDI output with viewing LUT for on-set monitoring with focus assist zoom
  • 60 Minutes of 16 bit Linear RAW file recording onto a 1TB SRMemory card at 24FPS

Sony also introduced a dockable SRMemory recorder – model SR-R4 – which attaches to the camera to record directly to an SRMemory card of 256 GB, 512 GB or 1TB capacity with data security and sustained throughput of 5.5 Gbps.

Sony is now unveiling a powerful new capability for the F65/SR-R4 combination – the ability to switch recording between 16-bit linear RAW File and MPEG-4 SStP File modes. Users can configure the camera on a project-by-project basis, selecting either 16-bit linear RAW File for ultimate quality acquisition or high speed operation at up to 120FPS, or MPEG-4 SStP File (HDCAM SR native) for exceptional quality HD recording. MPEG-4 SStP File also provides full compatibility for viewing, offline and post production using either the free Sony PC or MAC viewer or products using the new Sony Software Development Kit.

The F65 is in high demand by the motion picture production industry, and Sony is now taking orders for the new camera. The first rental company in Hollywood to take delivery will be Otto Nemenz International.

“The F65 is more than just a new camera; it’s a complete system and a revolutionary approach to the digital production workflow,” said company president Otto Nemenz. “My customers are looking for the latest and greatest, and this technology more than fits the bill. I’m proud to be the first to carry this camera.”

New CineAlta(TM) Branding
Since its introduction more than 10 years ago, the CineAlta brand has come to represent the benchmark for the highest quality digital cinematography acquisition. Now, to coincide with the launch of the F65, Sony is introducing a new CineAlta logo, signifying acquisition quality at “Beyond HD” resolution and reflecting the open nature of the F65 and its file based approach.

The new logo is designed to resemble the symbol for infinity, as the F65 with its new image sensor makes true 4K production real today and provides viable image acquisition for many years and future applications to come. The logo will be applied to all Sony system components that enable digital imaging beyond the 1920 x 1080 HD format.

“From the success of Sony 4K projectors which are driving digital cinema in movie theaters and creating demand for 4K content, to the staggering creative possibilities offered by the F65, no other company can deliver the total 4K lens to theater experience that Sony can,” Shapiro said. Sony has already installed more than 9,000 4K projectors in cinemas worldwide.

The F65 digital motion picture camera line-up is scheduled to be available in January direct from Sony: The F65, with viewfinder for $65,000; the F65RS (Built in Rotary Shutter Model), with viewfinder for $77,000; and SR-R4 dockable recorder for $20,000. All will also be available through S