Sony FS-700 SLOWMO 200fps TEST UnGraded

Marcus Skogsström, fotograf i Malmö, har testat nya Sony FS700 i slow motion med 200 och 400 b/s. Finns att se på Länk på nästa sida.

Så skriver han:

–Here are a few shots from my first test with the Sony NEX FS-700.

I borrowed the camera from our local dealer (Scandinavian Photo, Malmö) and simply went down to the local skate park. Spent about 20 min there asking a few kids to participate. No external monitor, no meter, exposing from what I saw on the camera screen helped out by zebra. To be honest , without a sun shade or proper monitor, I was just happy to be able to frame using the camera monitor. smile 
Shot at 200 fps using the MetaBones adaptor and a 16-35mm Canon L lens.
Cine Gamma 1 was set in camera.

–There is clipping in a few places but I think it holds highlights pretty well considering slight over exposure here and there.
 AVCHD, and those .MTS files is a poor choice I think, would have loved to see the XDCam EX but I understand the competing product lines. 
Footage was transcoded (Prores) and editing in Final Cut. No grading or color correction of any kind. Compressed to 10Mbit/s H264 and uploaded to Vimeo.

I always think its hard to judge test footage on Vimeo or Youtube. Compression is always in the middle. In this case the footage is shot in 8 bit AVCHD 420, transcoded to 10 bit Prores, editied, Compressed to 10Mbit/s H264 and then uploaded to Vimeo where its, yet again, compressed to Vimeo Format… So take it for what it is, slow motion images.

Test med 200 b/s
Test med 400 b/s
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