The ACHTEL 9×7 -A digital IMAX camera

Pawel Achtel, ACS, has been involved in heavy research for many years on a digital alternative to the classic 15-perf 65mm IMAX film camera, and now he can proudly unveil his electronic version; the ACHTEL 9×7 65 Megapixel Motion Picture Camera.
  Mr Achtel has been involved during the past 30-something years primarily with cinematography aimed for the giant IMAX screens, so he’s well acquainted with what it takes to fill a giant screen with quality imagery. He has also done work on commercials and feature productions, not least underwater projects.
  Pawel Achtel feels that there isn’t really any digital camera that comes close to 65mm IMAX photochemical cinematography, and therefore he felt here was a niche were a digital alternative would be useful. The ACHTEL 9×7 Camera offers a global shutter in combination with a wide color gamut.
Matthew Allard, ACS, has a full report on the Newsshooter website HERE