Ulti-Head nytt fjärrstyrt kamerahuvud

Mark Roberts har skapat sig ett välkänt namn med sin Motion Control utrustningar. Nu har han gjort ett nytt litet fjärrstyrt och lätt kamerahuvud för stativ- eller kranmontering.

The new Pan-Tilt head design from Mark Roberts Motion Control is fully released and in production. Called the UltiHead it is designed to be the ultimate in low-cost yet precise and portable motion control head.

The UltiHead is capable of being tripod or crane mounted and will give the user automated control over the Pan and Tilt, whilst maintaining accurate and repeatable movements. A range of options are available to facilitate numerous functions of camera and lens control ensuring that the operator is ultimately the decision maker in achieving the required effect.

The UltiHead can be controlled using remote hand-wheels, joysticks, or can pushed manually using Mark Roberts ingenious Grip-Sticks. Alternatively it can be programmed from the keyboard and mouse, it incorporates the advanced Flair software system with a highly graphical and user friendly interface. Flair also gives the operator the ability to pre-visualise the move both numerically and graphically and make adjustments as necessary before committing to the action run, as well as importing and exporting moves to CGI, such as Softimage and Maya.

One of the main features of the UltiHead which adds to its flexibility and uniqueness are the electronics. This revolutionary design has seen Mark Roberts Motion Control miniaturise the electronics onto a state of the art board measuring just 100x120x35mm, enabling them to mount the board within the head itself, with only two remote leads required to connect the head, those being power and communication. Featured on this board are 9 axes which are all controlled and programmable from Flair.

This awesome head boasts several key features to set it apart from anything else currently available on the market, including:

  • Extremely high accuracy and rigidity for use in motion control applications
  • Very high speed of movement
  • Space-saving compact design for high portability
  • Standard crane, dolly and tripod mount for universal use
  • Very Low-cost
  • Battery powered
  • Fully adjustable for any camera or lens, floor mounted or ceiling mounted
  • Runs from the award winning Flair motion control system
  • Designed for Film, Video and HD cameras

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