Video om Aaton Penelope Delta digital från NAB

Aaton Penelope Delta
When Aaton released the Penelope 2-perf/3-perf switchable 35mm camera, there was also talk that a digital back would be following for the platform. At NAB this year, Aaton is showing a working sensor prototype, as well as a design concept model of the new camera, christened the Penelope-Δ (that’s “Delta” for those not up on their Greek). It will capture “beyond 4K” in Uncompressed RAW as well as DNxHD to inexpensive DeltaPacks loaded with raided 2.5″ SSD drives. The CCD sensor was custom made for Aaton by Dalsa with a unique dual 800/100 ISO sensitivity. Penelope continues the Aaton tradition of ergonomic “Cat on the Shoulder” design excellence. Check out some of the clever features of the Penelope-Δ in this video.

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