Weisscam Digital highspeed HD-camera

Fotografen Stefan Weiss har tagit fram en digital highspeed kamera för HD som är anpassad för reklam-och långfilm och inte för vetenskaplig användning. Den klarar upp till 950 b/s i HD-formatet 1280×720 pixlar och 650 b/s med 1280×1024 pixlar. I SD-video, 720×576, kan man filma upp till 1.150 b/s. Sensorn har formatet 15×12 mm. PL-fattning för 35 mm objektiv.

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After working with almost every digital highspeed camera, I realised, that the customers have very different needs and therefore need a flexible, compact, mobile and reliable digital highspeed system. This was the idea of WEISSCAM HS1.

Whether you film commercial table tops, music clips, action sports, documentaries, scientific reports, WEISSCAM HS1 gives you the freedom to choose any image format and any frame rate you want or even to change frame rate during recording for live ramping.

My aim is to offer you an “on set” proofed digital highspeed system and support you in realizing your digital highspeed project.

Stefan Weiss,
DOP & Founder of weisscam

Camera features

  • Live ramping. Jump from a desired frame rate to any frame rate you want during recording.
  • Free Format. Choose any image format you want and save time for scaling in post
  • Color Algorithm. Smooth and crisp image rendering
  • Free shutter. Choose any shutter speed you need to control motion blur.
  • Free fps. Choose any frame rate from 1 fps to 5.000 fps*
  • Image Control. Control gamma and RGB Curves separately
  • Live picture. Control your framing during recording on high resolution VGA Monitor
  • Instant Playback. View your shot in Realtime and high resolution playback right after rendering.
  • Film Simulating. Save costs on film and developing in simulating film highspeed camera to see what you get in advance

Technical specifications

  • Frame Rates: up to 1.150 fps 720 x 576 pixel SD PAL (4:3)
  • Frame Rates: up to 950 fps 1280 x 720 pixel HD 720p (16:9)
  • Frame Rates: up to 650 fps 1280 x 1024 pixel MAX
  • CMOS Imager: 15x12mm. progressive scan
  • Dynamic Range: 24 bit color depth
  • Sensitivity: 160 ISO
  • Output formats: 8 bit tiff, avi, DPX** (create mpegs for proxys)
  • Internal Memory: 4 GB
  • Operating system: Windows XP Professional
  • Lens Mount: PL Mount
  • Interfaces: Fits in all 35mm and broadcast environment
  • Power: 12 Volt
  • Weight: 3 kg

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