A Clear Look at the Issue of Resolution

Här en intressant artikel och videos från American Cinematographer Magazine, där Steve Yedlin, ASC, testar sex olika kameror.

–Steve Yedlin, ASC offers an intriguing demonstration on how capture formats, pixel counts and postproduction techniques affect image quality and why simply counting Ks is not a solution when selecting a camera.

–The comparison footage used in the presentation was shot in 2016 using six different camera systems: Arri Alexa 65, Arri Alexa XT, Arri 435 (shooting 4-perf Super 35, which was scanned at 6K with an ArriScanner), Red Weapon 6K, Sony F55 and an Imax MSM3 (shooting 15-perf 65mm, scanned at 11K with Imagica).

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