Aaton Penelope 35 mm

På NAB i Las Vegas visade Aaton nu produktionsmodellen av deras nya 35 mm kamera, Penelope. Den är gjord för 2- och 3-perf. och omställningen mellan dessa format tar endast 10 minuter.

”Kameran är också förberedd för att kunna ta ett digitalt magazine med en 4 K sensor, när en bra sådan finns på marknaden,” säger Jean-Pierre Beauviala, Aaton.

Penelope-2 is a very quiet, light, low power, triple format camera: 35mm 3Perf and 2Perf (a 10 minute shop adjustment), and, being of the instant magazine breed, it is designed to receive a digital magazine (a one minute on-location operation), the day a really good 4K sensor comes on the market.

Its “progressive scan” video-assist brings an interesting new function: it generates time-indexed jpeg proxies into a USB key, which also stores all the metadata collected by the camera*. Penelope thus generates an immediatly printable PDF “Image-Report” showing the proxies, (from four to N evenly spread over the take), metadata, and AatonCode.

Those of you with a good memory will recall the Super-16 Xtr’s “Event Memory”, introduced in the early 80s, which stored the lens parameters, tilt angle, starts/stops, mag IDs etc.. and downloaded this data into the Aaton “Script Supervisor” master clock (a PDA before the PDAs).

Metadata retrieval is already a standard feature of the Aaton Cantar 8 track recorder which delivers an end of day printable “Sound-Report” in PDF format. It goes without saying that merging the two databases, thanks to the camera and recorder common timecode, will result in an easily readable Image/Sound-Report tremendously helping the on-location team and the post-prod people.


Universal camera-body for 35mm 2-Perf and 3-Perf, and 2K/4K Digi-Mags.

Change from instant film-magazine to instant Digi-Mag is a less than one minute
on-location operation.

No built-in obsolescence, instant Digi-Mags can follow sensor and disk storage

Instant film-magazines, nine minute autonomy in 35mm2perf.

The lightest rotating mirror reflex sync-sound 35mm camera.

Very low profile for highly mobile filmmaking.

24dB noise level.

Built to withstand extreme climates.

Very low power consumption.

Twin battery power supply, accessories run on their own battery.

Double resolution progressive scan SD video-assist.

Ready to print PDF ‘Image Report’ with JPEG snapshots, metadata and
Aaton Code.

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