Alfonso Parra testar Arri Alexa

Alfonso Parra
Alfonso Parra, AEC, har gjort en omfattande test av Alexa och den finns nu på engelska. När testen gjordes är det firmware 2.1 och nu finns 4.0. Alfonso Parra gör de mest ingående tester jag har sett.

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Läs vad Alfonso Parras skriver om namnet Alexa.

I am asking myself why ARRI´s new camera is called so. Alexa is a short form of Alexandra, feminine of Alexander. Alexander comes from the Greek name Alexandros, it can be split in alexo, that means “to defend”, and aner, that means “man”. Because Alexa has the same origin, Alexa means “people’s defender”. Alexander’s name has been used several times in History, but the name reached the height of significance when the legendary King of Macedonia used it: Alexander III, Alexander the Great. Does ALEXA transform the digital image closer to the analogical sensitivity, i.e., more human, keeping off men from reductionist ideas of digital technologies? Does ALEXA try to conquer, as Alexander did, the international market with a tempting image? In the following long investigation we try to show the characteristics of the new and astonishing ARRI’s digital camera, and if it is possible to answer the two previous questions.