Another Gamechanger from Easyrig!

After saving the backs of cinematographers and camera crews around the world for some 30 years now, the brilliantly innovative people at Easyrig have turned their attention to the often arduous working conditions of the world’s sound boom operators!

 The brand new Easyrig Boom Rig does for the sound boom operator what its cousin, the original Easyrig, has been doing for camera operators for a long time now: to redistribute the weight that needs to be handled so as to take the burden off your shoulders, arms or back.

 Announced today, Monday April 15th at the NAB in Las Vegas, USA, we in the FSF feel that this will be another game changing product from our friends at Easyrig and wish them all the best on their new exciting adventure in the world of production sound recording!

By Lars Pettersson FSF Another Gamechanger from Easyrig! Another Gamechanger from Easyrig!