Arri Alexa spelar in i ProRes för Apple och Avid

Arri Alexa, card slots
I Arris kommande digitala kameror går det att spelar Apples ProRes 4:2:2 och 4:4:4. Detta format som spelas in på minneskort i kameran är till för att snabbt kunna förredigera materialet och titta på dagstagningar. Avid kommer också att stödja detta format , som är QuickTime, i sin Media Composer 5. Detta betyder att man kan ladda över sitt material till datorn utan tidskrävande transkodning. Plats i kameran för två SxS.kort.

Sitt originalmaterial spelas t.ex. in okomprimerat till HD eller som Arri RAW till hårddisk eller på en enhet med fast minne, t.ex. S.two. Digital Film Recorder, OB-1 FlashMag, till vilken man kan spela in 30 minuter okomprimerade DPX-filer.

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Different projects have different production requirements, budgets and distribution channels; the equipment chosen has to be flexible enough to accommodate those differences. The unique construction of the ALEXA and ARRIFLEX D-21 allows for various output signals to be generated, accommodating diverse production needs and pipelines.

Arri Alexa, right side
ALEXA is unique in that it can simultaneously record Apple QuickTime/ProRes files, output uncompressed HD video or uncompressed ARRIRAW data. This output versatility makes it ideal for a myriad of productions and workflows from telenovellas to feature films.

As the best recording media for the QuickTime/ProRes files, ARRI has chosen SxS cards because of their high data throughput. Two SxS cards fit into a module on the camera’s left side for convenient on-board recording and are hot swapable.
Two outputs which can be configured to 3G or 1.5G HD-SDI deliver an uncompressed high definition video stream with various options such as recording in 4:2:2 or 4:4:4 and ITU Rec709 or Log C tone mapping and color matrixes.
The two recording links can alternatively be used to output the ARRIRAW T-link signal, which can be recorded by a number of certified third party on-board recorders. ARRIRAW is the only way to access the full potential of ALEXA’s sensor which has color and dynamic range capabilities far beyond standard HD. ARRI’s own ARRIRAW Image Converter (ARC) provides image reconstruction features for the Windows, LINUX and Mac OS platforms. As a result of long term corporate initiatives with key development partners within the ARRIRAW Partner Program, a number of post production tools can now natively work with ARRIRAW files.

Arri Alexa, left side
These output formats are well established standards that integrate the cameras seamlessly into the existing HD infrastructure.