ARRI släpper firmware v6.0 för ALEXA

Arri kommer nu med en prorgramuppdatering, version 6.0 för Alexa. Kan laddas hem gratis från Arris webbsida för registrerade användare.

New features of SUP v6.0 include (for both ALEXA & ALEXA Plus):

Reference Signals

  • SMPTE color bars available in REC OUT and MON OUT
  • 1Khz audio tone available on headphone jack and HD-SDI embedded audio

Additional User Button Functions

  • Auto White balance
  • Anamorphic desqueeze toggle separately for EVF & MON OUT
  • False Color Index Display

Additional Monitoring Indicator Icons

  • Smooth Mode (EVF)
  • ARRI Look File engaged (EVF & MON OUT)

Access To The New Avid DNxHD License

  • With SUP 6.0, you can now purchase a license through the ARRI website, which allows in-camera recording to be switched to Avid DNxHD. Currently supported are DNxHD 145 (145Mbits/s, 8-bit 4:2:2) and DNxHD 220x (220Mbits/s, 10-bit 4:2:2). The new DNxHD 444 (440Mbits, 10-bit 4:4:4) will be released in a later SUP and will be a free upgrade for anyone who buys a DNxHD license.

To download SUP 6.0, ALEXA owners must log in after completing a one-time registration on the ARRI website. The file can then be downloaded to an SD card for uploading into the camera. Also available for download are an updated user manual, release notes for SUP v6.0, and a data sheet on the new DNxHD License.