CINEC 20-22 september 2008

Nu är det hög tid att boka hotellrum om ni planerar att åka till München och CINEC i september. CINEC är den stora mässan i Europa för filmutrustning, ljus, grip och tillbehör. Samtidigt som CINEC, pågår också den årliga Oktorberfesten med öldrikande i München.

Läs mer om CINEC på följande sida och på nedanstående länk.

CINEC websida

cinec International Trade Fair for Motion Picture Technology
20 – 22 September 2008, M,O,C, Munich, Germany

The last months of winter are the time of the big film events. Starting with the „Bavarian Film Awards„, film professionals head for ceremonies all over Europe to receive Goya, Bafta, César and other high ranking awards. In Berlin, the world meets at Germany‚s biggest festival and last but not least, there is the night of all nights when Hollywood celebrates the Academy Awards and most famous statues of the world.

That was it. The glitter and glamour parties are over now, it is back to work again. The events for the silent stars behind the scenes and the technology are scheduled for the next six months: The NAB in Las Vegas, IBC in Amsterdam and of course the cinec in Munich from 20 ˆ 22 September 2008.

The largest German specialist show of the industry is still growing. Last cinec‚s success becomes noticeable ˆ and can be measured in square meters: Most exhibitors of the last show have already registered; not few of them asking for more space. And some co-exhibitors want their own stand this year ˆ next to many new registrations. This is a sign for the constant growth of the cinec.

„The whole film„ is to be shown: camera technology, camera support / grip, sound, light, postproduction, 3-D / 360°-cinema, archiving, storage, equipment, accessories and production-related services. The cinec again supports the exchange of ideas with an extensive ancillary program. The presentations are going to focus on the digitalization of film. Technicians and experts of the industry are going to discuss the future of media. Not only will be dealt with the acquisition of images using increasingly sensible and powerful digital cameras, but also with questions of workflow in postproduction, new requirements relating to make-up, set design or lighting and last but not least with the problems of compatibility, of complex data management and the conservation of the cultural asset film by new ways of achiving.

You will learn more about the topics and events in the following newsletters ˆ and even more in September at one of the leading trade shows for motion picture technology: the cinec. We look forward to seeing you. It‚s getting exciting!