Cinelab Film & Digital – new contact for the Nordic region

Christian Martinsen is Cinelab Film & Digital’s new regional sales manager. Cinelab are very proud to have helped deliver several excellent productions in the Nordic territories in recent years including: Verdens Verste Menneske, Nordsjøen, As in Heaven, Sick of Myself, Ustyrlig and right now we are processing Makta.
–I’ve recently joined Cinelab to help service the Nordic regions. I’m here to talk through our services and options, whether you are looking to shoot film, digital or hybrid. I can provide you with indicative and comparative quotes for each format.
–Lastly, I would also like to take this opportunity to highlight our new Digital-to-Film-to-Digital (DFD) service to you.
Cinelab. UK.
250D stock DFDcomparison 35mm/16mm/8mm video
Digital-Film-Digital // 35mm FilmOut – Volvo ‘The Ultimate Safety Test’