Europa Sound & Vision investerar i SGO Mistika

Europa Sound & Vision
Den svenska postproduktionhuset Europa Sound & Vision har avsevärt stärkt sina anläggningar och arbetsflöden med köp av tre Mistika system som tillhandahåller resultat upp till 4K. Investeringen består av en Mistika för high-end färgsättning, en annan i realtid compositing, online efterbehandling och DCP creasion, i kombination med en Mistika Assist arbetsstation, alla delar en 96TB SGO SAN i samarbete arbetsflöde miljö. Det primära fokus är 2D projekt men systemen kan enkelt uppgraderas till stereo 3D och hög bildhastighet (HFR) vid behov.

Europa Sound & Vision were convinced from the start that Mistika was the system to drive them forward to help pursue colour grading work for television and feature films. Mattias Segnestam, Chief Operating Officer explains “We realised that for our expansion into picture post production, Mistika is the best creative system available, combined with superior workflow, to meet all our needs. Mistika is an outstanding enhancement to our facility and it will be the very centre of our pipeline. Our creativity will definitely benefit from using Mistika for colour grading and high-end finishing project work. It is the solution we have been looking for and is definitely unrivalled, unique but at the same time compatible with other systems, which is a distinct advantage.”

Mattias Bergkvist, Chief Executive Officer adds “The relationship with SGO was also a very important part of our decision to build an infrastructure around Mistika. The team at all levels demonstrated their total commitment and passion for delivering great technology and an outstanding customer experience, which was confirmed, when speaking to other Mistika customers across the globe. Mistika clearly performs extremely well now but it is vital to work with a company that is constantly developing and innovating so that we can provide long term future-proof solutions for our customers.”

Geoff Mills, Director of SGO Global Sales & Operations says “We are delighted to welcome Europa Sound & Vision as a new customer in the Scandinavian market, which is rapidly opening up, and eager to embrace SGO’s advanced technology. Due to the rapid expansion in digital acquisitions, it is a perfect time for them to put Mistika at the heart of their new post production facilities.” Geoff concludes “Mistika’s stunning next generation colour grading toolsets, flexible real-time creativity and highly efficient collaborative workflows will provide Europa Sound & Vision with a true differentiator, and not just in Sweden but all around the world. We look forward to building on an already excellent relationship as Mistika is used from on-set through to final finishing and delivery.”

The sound department (aka Europa Sound Production) has won several national and international awards and has been working with some of the most successful filmmakers over many years. Credits include The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2011), The Hypnotist, and the BBC TV series Wallander.