F65 upgrade to 8K recording

Sony F65
Sony’s existing 4K top-of-the-line model gets a firmware upgrade to shoot 8K. I have really trouble seeing a market for this kind of camera now that the F5 and F55 seem to do it all … especially considering that only a tiny fraction of all cinema screens feature even a 4K projector (most of them are 2K still). So I don’t know where that leaves 8K. Future-proof? For sure. A very distant future. Most eyes are not able to tell the difference between a 1080p image and a 4K image on a large TV with a normal viewing distance. So I honestly doubt there’s a market for 4K TVs … let alone 8K projectors. But I could be wrong. At least it gives you a lot to play with for reframing, which might be both good and bad (bad for a cinematographer that is not involved in the post production process as his images might be changed drastically).

Grading av F65 material

Demo av F5 och F55