Unika Filmobjektiv T1.0

Vantage One T1 Spherical Primes
Vantage Film, kända för sina anamorfiska objektiv HAWK, har nu på Cameraimage presenterat en helt nya sfäriska objektiv med ljusstyrkan T1.0. Hela nio brännvidder, från 17,5 till 120 mm, alla med ljusstyrkan T1.0.

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Vantage Film inverterar 7 miljon euros och gör nu en stor satsning på att utveckla morgondagens objektiv och tillbehör till filminspelning.

Creativity and innovation have always driven Vantage Film. For almost 20 years, the company has produced professional lenses and tools that have continually opened up new ways for cinematographers to capture images on film. Vantage Film’s €7 million investment is the largest in the company’s history and shows a dedication to continue that tradition while striving to redefine the standard against which all lenses and optical tools are measured.

Company owners, Peter Martin and Wolfgang Baumler, consistently focus on the work of cinematographers and listen intently to directors of photography and camera assistants to ensure that every product anticipates what cinematographers want and need next. Vantage Film’s coming releases reflect that close cooperation through the introduction of exclusive state-of-the-art tools to cinematographers, imparting them with fresh ways of expressing their visions.

Vantage Film’s latest investments have allowed it to expand its capacity to research, design, produce, manufacture, and distribute motion-picture-lens systems. The results of this investment include the debut of several new series of lenses, new zoom lenses, and new optical tools to Vantage’s portfolio of products. These brand new additions will feature Vantage’s signature anamorphic lenses as well as lenses with specifications as of yet unseen in the industry. They will be the first completely new series of lenses specifically tailored to exploit the opportunities and advantages that new generations of digital sensors with different geometries will provide.

Vantage Film is proud to announce that the first of these unique lenses and tools will be unveiled at the Plus Camerimage Festival in Bydgoszcz, Poland (24 November to 1 December 2012).