France Kills the Silver Screen

CNC votes out the usage of silver screens for Passive 3D Cinema systems. The CNC (Centre National du cinéma et de l’image animée) have decided that all theatres equipped with passive solution should remove all the silver screens within five years. All the theatres are required to apply the AFNOR standard that stipulates that the maximum light tolerance between centre and angles of the screen cannot be more than 20% .

With silver screen it is more than 50%. The CNC, CST and Directors guild consider that silver screens highly damage the quality of films in 2D and that is no longer acceptable. The exhibitors association has asked for 5 years to comply in order to amortize the investment.

CNC website:
I am pleased to announce this morning that we have an agreement, and I will therefore make the following decision: Based on the one hand the current situation of cinemas, financial and contractual commitments of the exhibitors but also secondly the need to ensure a quality projection in line with best standards, the highest standards will apply in full to the quality of projection within five years.

This means that for five years, standard NF S 27-001 will apply to all rooms, as well as the NF-S EXCEPT 27-100 as regards to the luminance. and in 5 years, all theatre will fully have to comply with both standards including the luminance.